Pulsar Forward FN455S: Your Favorite Night Vision Scope

While thermal imaging has a huge fan base, we know that many hunters prefer night vision devices. And, of course, we would never leave them hanging – that is why we created the Pulsar Forward FN455S: a powerful, trusty and reliable digital night vision scope.

We are quite proud of this one, and we won’t lie. The main reason for our pride is the enhanced nighttime sensitivity – thanks to our proprietary software, cutting-edge electronic components, and processing algorithms, the Forward is a leading night vision scope in its class.

When looking for a night vision spotting scope, it is crucial to check its detection range. The Pulsar Forward FN455S will help you detect large game at distances up to five hundred meters in total darkness – pretty impressive if you ask us.

Having night vision that mounts in front of scope is a great way to enhance your hunting experience, particularly if you’re just starting out or live in an area where thermal vision cannot be used. That being said, we know many hunters who prefer a night vision clip-on scope over a thermal one.

A night vision scope attachment is synonymous with an infrared scope attachment as it uses the infrared spectrum to deliver the image. For enhanced image quality on a moonless night, an IR illuminator is used as an addition to your night vision rifle scope attachment to provide more informed imagery.

Cutting-edge components and proprietary algorithms

It is worth mentioning that while the Forward FN455S is a night vision scope, it can be easily used as a clip-on, too. All you need to do is choose the right adapter, and once you attach it to your daytime scope or binoculars, you can easily mount Forward on it whenever it gets dark.

As an infrared night vision scope, the Pulsar Forward FN455S can operate in the so-called passive and active modes.

The passive one does not require any additional IR illumination and is typically most beneficial in twilight or during nights with a bright moon. However, when it gets really dark, you can use the invisible infrared illuminator that comes with the device. Emitting 940 nm radiation, it varies between 175, 350 and 700 mW power levels, so you can choose the most suitable range for each particular situation. Plus, the illuminator is removable, should you wish to minimize the weight of your night vision scope when additional IR is not required.

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Now, let’s discuss some operational practicalities. Good battery life is absolutely crucial for a night vision spotting scope, and we are pleased to report that Forward can go for as long as seven hours on a single charge. In need of more? You can always purchase an additional battery pack and enjoy prolonged operation time. And you can rest assured the changing process is so easy it won’t disturb your observation process.

Finally, we would like you to know that the Pulsar Forward FN455S is arguably the most resistant digital night vision scope in the market.

We know – it sounds like a stretch, but we go through a rigorous testing process to make sure that you can use our devices in any conditions. Forward has an IPX7 waterproofness rating, meaning it can withstand submersion into up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes and still operate smoothly afterwards.

For hunters, this means they can pursue their observation in heavy rain, snow, or fog. Plus, this infrared night vision scope can operate in temperatures from -25 to +50°C, meaning you will be able to confidently use it all year round, even if you live in climates with extreme temperatures.

But enough talking – time to find your local distributor and test the Pulsar Forward FN455S digital night vision scope for yourself.