Best thermal imaging riflescopes and clip-ons from Pulsar

If you are looking to improve your shooting precision and accuracy during difficult hunts, it’s time to go thermal. Thermal imaging riflescopes provide better recognition in tough conditions, allowing you to feel more confident and choose your target more precisely. But a thermal imaging scope isn’t the only option – you could also go for a thermal imaging clip-on, also known as a thermal imaging front attachment. This way, you get to keep your daytime scope and use it at night or in high humidity by simply attaching the clip-on at the front of the scope’s lens.  To help you decide between the two devices, let’s have a closer look at the best clip-on thermal scope and the best thermal imaging scope Pulsar has to offer.

Best clip-on thermal scope: Krypton 2

Krypton 2 is our newest thermal imaging front attachment, and it has many fans worldwide. Much more compact and powerful than its predecessor, it can also transform into a handheld spotter, which basically makes Krypton a two-in-one device.

The biggest updates include a better-balanced design, with the battery now sitting on top of the device. Not only does it make Krypton 2 more convenient to carry around, but it also powers it up for up to 11 hours straight. And it’s interchangeable, meaning you can swap a flat battery for another one in seconds while out in the field.

Krypton 2 has two models: FXG50 and FXQ35. The first one has a larger sensor resolution and a great detection range, while the second features higher thermal sensitivity for more humid conditions. 

Whichever you choose, you will get all the premium features, including eight color palettes, a Bluetooth remote control for more convenient operation, and an adaptable user interface that makes the use of Krypton 2 possible with day scopes of varying identification. 

Now, we don’t know about you, but for us, it’s more than enough to call Krypton 2 the best clip-on thermal scope by Pulsar!

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Best thermal imaging scope: Thermion 2

If you need more power and you feel like going full-on thermal, then a thermal imaging scope is the way to go. At Pulsar, we have two lines: Thermion 2 and Talion.

Talion is great if you are looking for a more compact version. Primarily designed for stalk hunting, it is perfect for making important decisions fast and carrying around for hours. Keep in mind that it is made for closer distance shooting – 70 to a little over 100 meters, depending on the model you choose. 

Now, if you’re after something that is a little more classic and classy, Thermion 2 will likely be a better option for you. Its housing mimics that of a classic scope, and inside it, you will find all the premium features, including the most advanced image processing algorithms, cutting-edge optics, and powerful thermal sensors. With multiple models available, you will surely choose the best thermal imaging scope for your needs.

Plus, each Thermion 2 model has a built-in ballistic calculator, which can further increase your accuracy, security, and confidence when aiming at a target. 

Finally, there is one more thing you should know: all our products are designed, developed and assembled in Europe. We oversee the entire process carefully, which allows us to achieve the best possible quality of the build. Plus, our long-standing partnerships with various suppliers allow us to find the latest technological solutions. And that’s our secret to remain the leading manufacturer of thermal devices in the whole world.