Choosing The Right Thermal Scope For Hunting

Nowadays, many hunters couldn’t imagine their days and nights in the forest without a quality thermal scope for hunting. Having a trusty device allows you to make the right decision about the shot as it helps you identify the animal, its age, sex, and condition precisely without necessarily getting too close. And this is absolutely crucial for an ethical hunter with high moral standards. One of our brand ambassadors talks more about making the right decision with a thermal device in this article – we invite you to read it if you’re interested in what thermal vision can tell you about an animal.

How does one choose a thermal hunting scope, then?

Well, there are a few factors you should consider. First of all, there is the image quality. As a rule, the better the thermal sensor and objective lens, the higher the price, so your budget is important here, too. Other determining factors include:

  • battery life;
  • detection range;
  • recoil;
  • similar features.

If you look at our range, you will notice that we have multiple thermal imaging rifle scopes for you to choose from. If you are looking at Thermion, there are two main criteria you should consider.

First, think about your shooting style and how you will be using the thermal scope for hunting. This will influence the choice of sensor and base magnification. For example, Thermion 2 LRF XP50 PRO is great if you prefer shooting from closer than 100 meters.

Then you should also evaluate if your thermal hunting scope should have a built-in laser rangefinder. It is certainly a useful addition as it can tell you the distance in moments, but, of course, not all hunters require having one.

If you would like to enjoy thermal scope hunting but don’t wish to have a set-up that is too heavy, you should look into Talion.

A fairly new addition to our range, it has already fascinated multiple hunters. There are a few reasons why it’s so unique. What you’ll notice first is how compact it is for a thermal scope for hunting. However, the small device still has our signature impressive image quality and a powerful battery that lasts up to nine hours.

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Talion is an ideal thermal hunting scope for modern hunters thanks to its ease of use and a multi-point prism mount which allows for precise positioning on the rifle. The compactness, the usability, the sturdiness and the simplicity all make Talion a perfect choice for those who are only just entering the world of thermal scope hunting.

And what should you do if you wish to extend your hunts well into the night but cannot use thermal vision? A proper night vision scope for hunting, like the Digex C50, will come in very handy in that case. With its exceptional image quality and 24/7 use, it has become a favorite to many. You can read our ambassadors’ first impressions of it here.

Before we say our goodbyes, let us sum up the features you should consider before getting a thermal imaging riflescope:

  • decide on your budget;
  • look for a device with the best image quality you can afford;
  • don’t forget to choose between really advanced and simpler devices – this will help you narrow down the search quickly;
  • consider additional features such as laser rangefinder, battery life, customization possibilities, and so on;
  • don’t forget to get yourself familiar with the mounting type and make sure you evaluate the weight of the device before making the purchase to ensure the total weight of your assembly won’t be too heavy for you.