Our Best Thermal Scope

If you are considering getting a thermal imaging scope, we are sure you do not want just any scope. What you are probably looking at is the best thermal scope available. Of course, crowning a device with such a title is a tough job. But we can surely tell you about the best thermal monocular from Pulsar.

Without keeping the intrigue for much longer, let us announce it straight away: the award of the best thermal scope from Pulsar goes to Helion 2 XP50 PRO. Why? Because, to put it simply, it delivers the best possible image quality. Or, the way our ambassador, Phil Taylor put it, “It is a phenomenal thermal spotter.”

You can read our hunters’ review of the device on The Journal, or you can stay here to see things from our perspective. Which is that, with Helion’s extremely sensitive thermal imaging sensor, a large aperture lens, and some great software algorithms, you surely get the image worthy of the best thermal scope.

And while image quality is important, we know it is not the only thing that matters. That is why the Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 PRO – which we now know as the best thermal monocular – has:

  • a nearly 2-kilometer detection range;
  • a powerful battery;
  • full protection from water or any other precipitation;
  • photo and video recorder to capture all those fantastic moments you are bound to experience with it.

Seriously, one of our ambassadors took it under a waterfall and tried observing a volcano eruption through it. He succeeded at both.

But what if you are looking for the best thermal scope that is also extremely compact? Well, then look no further than Pulsar Axion 2.

We are biased, of course, but we could not praise this little superstar enough. Pocket-size, it has recently received a pretty serious upgrade and now delivers an image worthy of some praise. We also upgraded the battery, which can now last as many as 11 hours on a single charge. Pretty impressive, don’t you think?

And one more thing: there are two models of Pulsar Axion 2:

  • one has a built-in laser rangefinder which allows you to precisely measure distances up to 1 kilometer with a single push of a button;
  • the other model, as you may have guessed, has all the amazing features, minus the LRF.

And you know what makes us really proud? The fact that we have managed to create those two amazing Axions without making them too expensive. In fact, they come at a better price than ever. So, Axion definitely wins the title for the best thermal monocular in the category of ultra-compact scopes by Pulsar.

Thermal Imaging Binoculars From Pulsar

Get To Know Them

Are we done with the best thermal scope 2023 election by Pulsar? Well, not quite. We will leave it up to you to decide which is better – Axion or Helion. But we will say you should not hurry. Because we have a lot in store for the upcoming years, and who knows, maybe the best thermal scope is also in our plans?

We cannot tell you too much now, but we can give you a rough idea of what to expect:

  • exceptional image quality in any conditions is, for us, a given;
  • then there are features our customers love and appreciate – WiFi connectivity, which helps you seamlessly transfer the images to a smart device of your choice;
  • full waterproofness;
  • rugged;
  • trusty housing;
  • powerful image processing algorithms, and lots more.

We promise you, it’s going to be a good one. Stay tuned.