Digex C50 Rifle Scope For Day And Night

The Digex C50 is the first Pulsar rifle scope with colour sensor, making it our best night vision scope yet. Today, there are at least five models on the market, not counting duplicates, which show colour images during the day. The innovation is that Digex C50 shows images in colour from dawn to dusk, making it the best night vision rifle scope by Pulsar.

Coloured twilight

During the day, the Digex C50 shows true-to-life colour images in cloudy or clear weather until sunset. On plain field and forest game hunts, except for driven hunting, the Digex C50 seamlessly replaces daytime optics. The rifle scope’s magnification range and good detail in zoom resolve the task of target identification and shooting at above average distances of several hundred metres, helping the device to further strengthen its position as the best night vision scope.

At sunset, as illumination decreases by the minute, the rifle scope lens should be switched to a higher light transmission mode. The visible image becomes noticeably brighter and clearer, retaining colour until deep twilight. The ability to see in colour when it is difficult to discern anything with the naked eye is impressive, or, as some hunters have put it, “really wow”.

At nightfall, we switch the rifle scope to night mode. The sensor starts recording radiation in the infrared range, the rifles cope sensitivity increases sharply, the image becomes black and white.

In terms of night sensitivity, the Digex C50 is not inferior to the now former leader, Digex N455, and surpasses it in overall image quality – hence why we call it the best night vision rifle scope. The reason for this is not only the sensor resolution, but also the algorithms for image processing in different lighting conditions

And the resolution of the Digex C50 colour sensor is 1928×1088 pixels, and it has an AMOLED display with an effective resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

Usability. Functionality

Our best night vision scope operates on two rechargeable batteries, an internal one with a capacity of 4.9 Ah, and a replaceable battery with a capacity of 2 Ah or 3.2 Ah (the latter is available as an accessory). A full charge of the batteries lasts for 8-10 hours. 

Digex C50 couldn’t be considered the best night vision scope without some other premium features. The image from the rifle scope is recorded or photographed on the built-in recorder. The “Picture-to-Picture” function calls up the aiming window on the display, in which the hunter sees the image of the target with magnification and the aiming reticle. As a result, the hunter can simultaneously view a detailed image in the aiming area and see the full field of view. 

The rifle scope is compatible with the Pulsar BT Bluetooth remote control, which is placed on the weapon and duplicates the operation of the button controls and encoder.

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Digex and smartphones

Built-in WiFi connects the Digex C50 with smartphones via the Stream Vision 2 mobile application. We created it for wireless firmware updating, image transfer to the smartphone screen, and for remote control of the rifle scope’s digital functionality.

The Digex С50 claims to be the best night vision rifle scope in its class. There are many other coloured digital rifle scopes on the market, but there is hardly another fully-featured day/night scope. Built-in video recording, changeable reticles and shooting profiles, “picture-in-picture” functionality, resolution for confident trophy identification, coloured images in deep twilight… the Digex C50 offers a new kind of day and night hunting experience.